Facebook Rooms app download error problems

The new Facebook Rooms app available to download right now creates a new area for something you really care about. It could be new shoes, handbags, music, beat boxing. It is about being what you want to be whilst sharing it with others.

Facebook Rooms is all about what interests you and what you are passionate about.

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It is simple as downloading the Facebook Rooms app, and follow the on-screen instructions. Rooms will not connect to your Facebook account, which means it will not share anything to your Facebook wall.

The app is as simple as picking a topic and creating a home for it, then you get to customize it with colors and even choose an emoji for the like button. Once this has been done choose your nickname, made up name or even your real name. Then just share with everyone, then invite other people so that you can share videos, photos and notes with them.

A few of our friends have already downloaded the Facebook Rooms with ease, but a few have been trying and getting error problems. It starts to download and then stops, please be patient and keep trying is all we can say.

A few users of Facebook Rooms said it is not anonymous, it may be anonymous to other users of the app but Facebook tracks you. The new Facebook app is a little strange, it doesn’t link to your Facebook, doesn’t use your Facebook profile picture, has nothing really to do with FB. Not sure I would find a purpose for the application.

Have you downloaded the Facebook Room app, or are you having error problems?

Facebook Rooms app download error problems