Sterger vs Favre after Peyton Manning 509 touchdown record

Twitter is always a good base to share things being them good or bad, and Jenn Sterger decided Twitter was the perfect place to take a dig at Brett Favre after he congratulated Peyton Manning following his 509 touchdown record.

Peyton Manning touchdowns now add up to 509 beating Broncos quarterback Brett Favre’s 508, and Farve took to his Twitter account saying congratulations to Manning on breaking his record, it was well deserved he said.

Sterger vs Favre after Peyton manning 509 touchdown record

Photo Credit: DenverBroncos/Facebook

But it looks like Jenn Sterger was not too pleased with Favre sending Manning the tweet, she tweeted on her account, “Hey Peyton, if that congratulatory text from “He who shall not be named” is an MMS… Prolly best to just delete that one.”

The feud is still ongoing it seems, which basically stems from Favre apparently sending former sideline reporter Sterger explicit pictures and suggestive messages of himself.

The record happened during the San Francisco 49ers Vs. Denver Broncos game, 509 is now the NFL all-time touchdown record. Please watch the Vine video below of manning breaking the record.

What are your views on Jenn Sterger digging at Brett Favre on Twitter after Manning’s touchdown record?

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