Share Diwali 2014 wishes with Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a couple of tweets to let his followers know that Diwali 2014 is here, and he wants you to share your Diwali greetings.

You can now share Diwali messages with Narendra Modi; he took to Twitter to share two tweets with links within them. The first link goes of to, where you can share Diwali wishes with the Prime Minister, it is all about sharing joy and happiness on this special day he said.

Share Diwali wishes with Narendra Modi pic 2

The second link Narendra Modi shared on Twitter goes to, where you can send an e-greetings card. All you need to do is select a card, then select a message, a quote and then click on the personlize button.

Diwali is all about sharing the happiness, those celebrating will be sending SMS via their mobile devices, happy Diwali images will be sent via emails, the sharing will continue for around 6 days.

Diwali is here

Diwali wishes

Diwali also known, as Deepavali is a major Hindu festival in India, also called the festival of lights. It runs for around 6 days with the first day being today called the festival of cow and the calf. The second day is known as Dhanteras, third is Choti Diwali, fourth is Lakhsmi Puja, fifth is Padwa and Govardhan Puju and the final day is Bhai Duj.

Will you be sharing your Diwali 2014 greetings with Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Share Diwali wishes with Narendra Modi

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