Nina Pham video goes viral

The Nina Pham video, which was uploaded to YouTube 6 days ago, has gone viral with 4,510,976 views. The video is also getting a lot of support, letting Nina know she has a lot of people out there that cares for her.

The video uploaded onto the Texas Health Resources YouTube channel, shows Nina Pham talking from her hospital bed at Texas Health Dallas.

Nina Pham video goes viral pic 1

Nina Pham contracted the Ebola Virus when treating a patient, who sadly died this month. But, the Dallas nurse looks rather well in the video below after contracting Ebola, and has been upgraded to good condition according to the National Institutes of Health.

Her condition is now fair and is happy, she sounded very grateful for all the kind wishes she had received since falling victim to Ebola. In the video she says, “Come to Maryland, everybody!” You then see a nurse in a full protective suit hand her a tissue when she starts to cry.

So far, Ebola has infected more than 9,000 people killing 4,500. The other nurse from Dallas being treated is Amber Vinson; she is now at Emory University Hospital.

What are your views Nina Pham in the video below; surely there is hope for an Ebola cure?

Nina Pham video goes viral