#IfICouldTimeTravel is trending worldwide on Twitter

#IfICouldTimeTravel or ‘If I could Time travel’ is trending on Twitter right now worldwide.

The simple Twitter hashtag #IfICouldTimeTravel is basically asking you what would you do if you could step back in time.

#IfICouldTimeTravel is trending worldwide on Twitter pic 1

Many celebrities and the Twitter public are tweeting what they would do if they could time travel. Take for example boy band ‘One Direction’, many fans said that if they could time travel they would like to meet the boys before they were on X factor. One fan said, ”#IfICouldTimeTravel I would go back to July 22 and Google “one direction” and see what comes up and then watch them on the 23rd.”

We are not too sure where the Twitter hashtag #IfICouldTimeTravel started, we tried looking around and cannot seem to find an answer. If you have an answer when the hashtag started from, please do share with us here at OSM in the comments below.

Twitter users have said they would undo what they once did, some would like to meet Justin Bieber before he got famous so that they could point him in the right direction before he lost his way with the law.

What would you do if you could time travel?

Here are a few #IfICouldTimeTravel tweets –

IfICouldTimeTravel is trending worldwide on Twitter