Google Inbox invites causing concerns already

Google has unveiled its new email product called ‘Inbox’, which can work together with Gmail. It is not meant to be a Gmail alternative but rather a product that can coexist. But, since the release people are already concerned with the future.

Google Inbox according the Official Google Blog has been in the making for years; the same people that gave us Gmail are the ones behind the new email add on. It is a different type of inbox that will NOT allow anything to slip by without notice. This means it is not called Google BigTop like we reported earlier.

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Like Gmail, Inbox will expand the categories, they say things like bank statements or receipts can be put together in one category, so that emails are never missed in a barrage of other emails sent. You can review the emails then swipe them out of the way, simply put you control the Inbox and it learns from you.

Google Inbox will adapt to the way you work dependent on what you group together, Inbox has many features such as highlighting key information from vital messages, documents, photos and much more. Provide real-time flight statuses, as well as bundling work together so that you can have a quick view.

Other features include: Adding reminders, Inbox keeps track of everything and reminds you, comes with speaking to-do’s, assists to cross of things on the to-do list. You can even put emails and reminders on snooze mode if they are not highly important, it will allow you to set the times you want to see them.

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Google Inbox invites are being sent out today, when you receive your’s you will be allowed to invite friends. If you cannot wait email now so that they can send you your Google Inbox invitation, which they will send when more becomes available.

People are already concerned
We are seeing many comments on social media platforms covering Google Inbox concerns. Some are worried Google will send out invites for the next few days, but feel Google Inbox will be forced upon you without a choice to use it. Just like they forced people to use Google Plus to comment on YouTube.

Some are worried it will turn out to be an awesome tool and then be pulled from the general public.

Do not worry; Google Inbox is not replacing Gmail, it is actually by Gmail. It is basically a new add on that can coexist with other email accounts.

How do you feel about the new Google Inbox? Have you got a Google Inbox invite you can offer our readers?

Google Inbox invites causing concerns already