Google BigTop, possible Gmail replacement: Update

Update: Google BigTop in NOT Gmail replacement, it is a new add on called Google Inbox. For more information read our latest article about features and Google Inbox invites.

Google BigTop is a new email client, which could potentially replace Gmail. If it doesn’t replace Gmail it could be introduced as a brand new email product that could work with other clients.

Android Police reported of a new rumor where Google could be working on a new task orientated email system, called BigTop. It is ‘apparently’ being developed so that email users can handle tasks more efficiently via Web and mobile, and this can be achieved with its own client on each platform.

Google BigTop, possible Gmail replacement pic 2

Google has not yet come forward, but if you visit this page it explains what ‘BigTop’ means. It basically says in a nutshell BigTop is “A web application data language processor”.

BigTop will allow users to snooze different actions, if you do not have time to show something your attention now it will allow you to snooze things until later. Marking things with a ‘Done’ when done and pinning things that need attention straight away.

Strange that the above is the same as the Gmail Archive feature, does this mean Google BigTop will be a Gmail Alternative? Google could just roll BigTop into Gmail; no one knows for sure what is going to happen.

Do you think Google BigTop is the possible Gmail replacement?

Google BigTop, possible Gmail replacement