Facebook dislike button is too dangerous

The Facebook dislike button is now live and ready to use. OK, that was a simple lie that would be published by the likes of The Onion or The National Report, and we like to hit on the real news. Sorry about that, but if there was a dislike button would you have clicked it?

There are a few Facebook users that would love the dislike button, but we can tell you now it will never be introduced because it is too dangerous to do so. It is looked at has a negative impact; too much hate, cyber bullying and trolls would just make life hell for those that dislike something.

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The Facebook dislike button history goes back a while now, so many people are still asking if Mark Zuckerberg and team will release it. NO, is the simple answer here. The ‘Like’ button is an icon it its own right, it is one of the most used buttons in social media, which proves to be a positive thing. Adding a ‘Dislike’ button would be a negative thing and that is not what Facebook wants.

Deleting a comment without giving and reason to why you did so causes too many rows. A Facebook user would post a status message, and when the comments come rolling in one might not be to your liking or fit the status post, so you delete it. But, this is where the negative impact happens; deleting a comment apparently makes you childish and pathetic.

If deleting a comment from a Facebook post is bad, can you just imagine clicking the dislike button. Personally we believe you can delete what you want as its your timeline, everyone has an opinion. But to fall out with people and not talk to them anymore after deleting a comment or hitting a dislike button is pathetic in its own right.

This is why Facebook will not be adding a dislike button, it would be ok on disliking say someone having an accident, or someone being sick and he or she tell you about it. The button could be used in many ways to show people they do not like something, but the negatives outweigh the positives.

Facebook users could get attacked online, could pressing on the dislike button cause an atmosphere?

No social media platform needs a negative impact; dislike is a word with negative impact. Facebook will NEVER introduce the dislike button.Read more on why the creator behind the Facebook Like button never introduced the dislike button over on TechRadar.

Do you still want the Facebook dislike button?

Facebook dislike button is too dangerous