Amber Rose Instagram hacked and needs help

The Amber Rose Intagram account has been hacked, and now she is calling out to her fans to help build it back up. Lets start a new hashtag called #HelpAmberRoseInstagram.

Last month we reported on Amber Rose’s twerking video she posted on Instagram, and back then she had 2,033,107 followers. But, if you visit her Instagram account now she only has 21,256.

Amber Rose Instagram hacked and needs help pic 1

Last month she was also at the brunt end being a victim to the celebrity nude hacker, celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and so many more were hacked and photos were leaked. But looking at Rose’s previous Instagram photos she wasn’t shy in sharing revealing images.

She even released a new picture on how she looked from the back, as well as the twerking video, she did this before she was hacked.

Her Instagram account (muvarosebud) profile description now says, “Amber Rose ❤HACKED AT 2.5 MILLION GET ME BACK UP ❤ #muvasback.” Before the hack she had over 640 posts, now she only has 10.

Are you now following Amber Rose on Instagram?

Amber Rose Instagram hacked and needs help