Twitter pre-holiday checklist to drive sales results

With the holidays fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about how your business can use Twitter to drive sales and engagement this season!

To help, Twitter has put together a pre-holiday checklist of a few things you can do to drive big results – Please do check out the #SmallGoesBig Pre-Holiday Checklist below.

Twitter pre-holiday checklist to drive sales results pic 1

Create a content calendar
Make your life simple by planning what content you’ll be tweeting and promoting in advance.

Schedule Tweets
Use the scheduling tool in to have your Tweets automatically posted, especially handy on those busy days.

Show the personality of your business
Tweet content that is authentic to the value and character of your business, highlight what makes your business unique.

Promote special offers
Use Twitter to launch exclusive offers or to promote sales and offers that you’re also running offline.

Go further with ads
Try Twitter Ads to increase the reach and impact of your marketing campaigns.

Measure and optimize
Use the Analytics dashboard to measure the impact of your Twitter Ads campaigns to understand what’s working so you can optimize your campaigns to get even better results.

Twitter pre-holiday checklist to drive sales results