Stop moaning about Google Plus 5000 limit

Still, the same question keeps rolling in saying, “When will Google Plus allow us to go over the 5000 limit?” The answer is simple; they won’t, so please stop moaning about the Google Plus 5000 limit.

We always get asked the question above, and many G Plus users would like a work around on how they can add more people in their Circles – Why? is what we say.

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If you add people or Google Plus pages to your Circles do it in stages, do not add too many in a 24 hour period or you will be stopped from adding more. Google is clever in the way they can temporarily stop you from doing this.

It doesn’t matter if you have only 2500 in your Circles or 400, do NOT add too many in a 24 hour period, Google looks at this as spamming.

Google is also clever in knowing if you have duplicate accounts, they do not go against your 5000 limit. One way to stay below the 5000 limit is by stopping the automatic adding of people from Gmail – if you have contacted someone in Gmail you may have the setting on where they are automatically added to your Google Plus – Just go to Gmail settings -> General -> Create Contacts for Auto-Complete: Choose ” I’ll add contacts myself” DO NOT forget to click the SAVE button.

Why on earth would you need more than 5000 in your Circle, would you actually be able to keep up with your Google Plus live stream?

How many people/pages do you have in your Circles now? Do you think the 5000 limit is adequate or do you think the number should be upped?

Stop moaning about Google Plus 5000 limit

  • Thinkfall65

    Too bad nobody cares about or uses G+

  • Milovanovic Bojan

    This limit is one of reason why people stop using G+
    My wife have 5000 people in circles, but she is in 5400 circles, so she wants to add all people they have she in circles.
    Of course that she will lose interest for G+ in future because she can’t follow all people they following she.
    Google should allow as some possibilities too go over limit, for example like on Twitter.