Spot.IM better than Facebook page

Spot.IM is apparently better than Facebook, and users can create their website’s own community and organically reach 100% of their audience.

Very brave indeed to say on the homepage of any site that you are better than Facebook, even the video below mentions Google, Twitter and Facebook monitoring the discussion instead of you – yet another bold statement.

Spot.IM better than Facebook page

Spot.IM is a place where you can grow your own community, boost retention rates and get to know your visitor. when you create your live-community you get many features such as real-time conversation, and the ability host massive conversations with an unlimited number of users.

If you do sign up you can go fully mobile if you please, other features include the ability to adjust and customize and so much more. To create a Spot just sign in with one of the social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn.

Spot.IM has a great feature called ‘Conversation Filtering’, where users can moderate their settings such as blocking swear words etc being it easy, moderate or hard – For more information about Spot.IM and the chance to see if you really think it is better than Facebook, please sign-up here.

Once you have created a Spot you will receive and email saying “You can now embed your very own Spot in any type of website or blogging platform, simply use the code you can find on your Spot management dashboard, and you are on your way to creating your users community.
We also wanted to say welcome, and let you know that we’re here to help you build your community, so if you have any questions, technical issues or even if you just need some tips to help get you started – you can always contact us via Email, or look us up on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and our blog, and keep posted; get more community building info, news and best-practice advice. Feel free to write us anytime, on any issue – big or small.”

Do you think Spot.IM is better than Facebook?

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