Russell Brand on Liberal Hollywood, Piers Morgan

“The Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur caught up with Russell Brand, actor and host of “The Trews,” to ask him about conservative accusations that entertainers like him are all liberal and that Hollywood caters to a liberal agenda.

Cenk asks, “First of all, is Hollywood liberal?”

“No! It’s part of the machine, an important part of the machine at that,” Brand says. “No, Hollywood isn’t liberal. Now what I would say is it doesn’t matter… Soon I, like all human beings, will be dead. And the truth will still be the truth.”

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Cenk also asks Brand to pick between political commentators Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, or Piers Morgan. Brand says society doesn’t have time to worry about media guys like that, but Cenk points out that the problem is that TV personalities like Morgan actively try to prevent audiences from taking the arguments of people like Brand or the outcry of the public seriously. He reads a quote from Morgan calling Brand’s ideas “a load of old, sanctimonious hogwash.”

Russell Brand Must Choose: Trump, Hannity Or Piers Morgan? His Answer Is Perfect, got to love the way his mind works.

Brand’s response: “You’re a human being. You’re alive in the world; you know what you’re entitled to. You have seen the corruption. You’ve seen the Speaker in your House offering bribes to tobacco lobbyists. You’ve seen the result of the last election — the promises of ‘yes, we can’ and change — you’ve seen what’s been delivered. Don’t worry about me. Don’t worry about Piers Morgan. Worry about the truth, because this is not a situation that is going to be solved by a glamorous individual like me or perhaps a more wretched and [poorly] seen one. It’s one that’s going to be solved by all of us coming together, regardless of our superficial differences. Ordinary people all over the world have got to come together to confront this corrupt system.”

Do you agree or disagree with what Russell Brand had to say?

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