Oscar Pistorius sentence angers Twitter users

The Guardian reports the latest news on Oscar Pistorius with a title that has not gone down well with Twitter users; the title is “Oscar Pistorius should not be going to jail.”

South African Oscar Pistorius has only been sentenced to five years in prison, after he was found guilty of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. But, social media networks such as Twitter has exploded with hate tweets against The Guardian for its news article.

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The anger can be seen in a few of the tweets below, even on The Guardian’s article one commenter said, “This is the biggest load of tosh that Simon has written in a long time. It beggars belief, and I am one of those bleeding heart lefties that think that the criminal justice system is not fit for purpose (worldwide). In case of any doubt, I think Pisstorious should have got the max 10 years and maybe in hard labour.”

The anger continues beyond The Guardian and its article by Simon Jenkins, many Twitter users have also said Oscar Pistorius will be the winner in the end. He will write a book, there will be a movie, and many interviews and he will make millions from it.

Reeva Steenkamp loses her life and Oscars’ is only just about to begin. Another tweet explains how Madiba got sent to jail for 27 years after fighting for democracy, and Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years for murder.

What are your views on the Oscar Pistorius sentence, and The Guardian’s article?

Here are a few tweets –

Oscar Pistorius sentence angers Twitter users