Is Steam down for you?

According to Steamstat 5,194,158 people are on Steam, yet many are having problems with the service being down globally.

If you are a user of Steam, you may be having issues with the service being down, or even having login problems.

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Just looked over on Down Detector and the Facebook comments are coming in on a regular basis with minutes between each comment. It seems there are problems with a few users in the middle of shopping and then they lost connection.

Steam is down in a few areas such as, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Romania, New Jersey, as well as being down in Czech Republic, Kentucky, Illinois, Italy and many more. These are just a few we have mentioned; visit Down Detector above to see more.

One Facebook commenter said Steam goes down every Tuesday for about 10 to 20 minutes for maintenance, but another Steam user said its been 53 minutes.

There has been a Dota 2 Update, this has been rolling out over the last week. This is a new mechanism for releasing updates according to Steam, this means download sizes will be a lot smaller in size – for more information on this update please visit Steam News.

Is Steam down for you, if so what are you in?

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