Facebook Login email warning

If you’ve been having trouble with your Facebook login recently, do not reply to an email being sent out what looks like to be from the social media site.

Even after all these years the phishing scam is still being spread via user email, the email will say ‘Sorry you’ve been having trouble logging into your Facebook account’, and then will ask you to click on the ‘Get back on Facebook now’ link.

Facebook Login email warning

The email also contains links to password help and login help, DO NOT click any of the links in the email – the Facebook Login email warning looks like the screenshot above.

When you click on the ‘Get back on Facebook now’ link, you will be taken to a login page – DO NOT log in there. Never trust any email you are not too sure about, if you ever have problems with your login go to Facebook direct and contact them from their official page.

Are you getting the Facebook email?

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