Banksy arrested hoax caused social media misery

Both Facebook and Twitter had a major meltdown yesterday, when users heard of artist Banksy being arrested and unmasked. People are even angrier today after his new piece in Bristol had been vandalised.

Banksy being arrested was just a sick hoax, and the social media world went crazy when they heard of this news. The artists name was a top Twitter trend and fans were tweeting how they felt when they heard he had been unveiled.

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The British street artist has not been arrested, it was just a sick hoax published US website National Report, they even put a mugshot profile of a man they named Paul Homer, who was apparently supposed to be Banksy.

The National Report reported Banksy being arrested by London’s Metropolitan Police, with no bail being granted and being charged with counterfeiting, conspiracy, vandalism and racketeering. “How the hell sites like the National Report are still going is beyond me,” said one Twitter user.

Do not worry, Banksy has not been arrested and we still do not know what he looks like. Banksy’s latest art piece of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, has been vandilzed in Hanover Place near the city’s harbour.

The new piece has had black paint splattered all over it, someoneclearly doesn’t like Banksy or they are just simply childish. Bansky’s new art piece shows an alarm box as the girl’s earring.

How did you feel about hearing Banksy has been arrested and unmasked?

Banksy arrested hoax caused social media misery