Possibilities of social ads are extensive

You’re scrolling through your Facebook news feed and you see a sponsored ad for Wheat Thins. First you wonder incredulously to yourself how Facebook knew you liked Wheat Thins! But you brush that thought aside – you’re attracted to the promise of a new kind of Wheat Thin, accompanied by a cheery photograph of people running through nature.

You know it’s an advertisement, but you click on it anyway. There’s a chance to enter a sweepstakes if you comment.

This scenario is an example of paid advertising on social media. The content is obviously paid for and you may disregard it at times, but more and more often social media platforms are calculating the best ads to push at groups of users, and it’s working.

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If it’s not already, paid social ads should be a part of your online marketing strategy. Paid ads offer a host of benefits outside of strict sales or lead generation (though those are definite repercussions as well) and return your investment in a variety of ways.

Of Course

Of course you should be taking advantage of paid advertising spots. One of the reasons is that many social platforms use algorithms to decide who will see what content — even if you follow a particular brand, you likely do not see all of their posts and messages in your user feed. Paid advertisements break through this barrier so that you don’t have to worry about reaching your audience.

The other reason why you should put together paid ads for social media is that the unique format and variability of social media gives you a great opportunity to forward your company. The possibilities of social ads are extensive, from a quick glance at the infographic introduced here:

● Brand awareness, or exposure is the most important step in increasing your reputation as well as introducing potential customers to your brand.
● Influence is how your brand is perceived, and how your product features in the industry.
● Engagement provides your viewers with the option of interacting in some way with your media online — fun for everyone!

Here’s How

There are several ways to use paid advertising on social media platforms. Here are some of the most trafficked apps and platforms, which offer, paid advertising as an option along with ways to take advantage of the format.


Facebook offers sponsored ads that show up in user timelines. Facebook pages are a huge source of user engagement as there are many ways to interact with a brand presence, through commenting or liking content, to sharing, to following the page in general.


Twitter offers promoted tweets and trends. Promoted content stands out in a flood of tweets and trends and directs users to your message.


YouTube offers sponsored video advertising for specific content. Speak to your audience with catchy 30-second spots that don’t make them mad they wanted to watch the latest Nicki Minaj video.


Instagram offers sponsored spots with which your brand can enter the feeds of users. Instagram is a beautiful way to share curated images, and also includes a video option.

Get into the online advertising game and amplify your reach on social media. Make your social media work for you, and then invest in the strength of your published content and online presence with paid social advertising.

The infographic below is courtesy of Gryffin Media, you can also see it here.

Possibilities of social ads are extensive

Possibilities of social ads are extensive pic 1