Mozilla Firefox 33 full changelog

Mozilla Firefox version 33 is now available for Linux, Android, Windows and Mac. The full changelog notes show all the new features as well as what changes have been made. The notes also shows HTML5 and developer details as well as what areas they decided to fix.

Some of the new features include OpenH264 support (sandboxed) and for connecting to HTTP proxy over HTTPS. Also added is the ability in sending video content to a second screen from webpages.

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You can download the new Firefox 33 right now on; automatic updates will be available to all existing users. When it comes to the desktop platform, the OpenH264 sandboxed support via Cisco’s H.264 open source H.264 implementation is really good.

Great to see Firefox can encode and decode the video compression format for WebRTC, but this is cannot be done for the video tag.

The search is much faster, performance is better and it also adds slimmer and faster JavaScript strings. The Firefox 33 changelog does show the ‘Known Issues’, and these include PDF.js: With some images where wrong colors could show up. Affects a very small number of PDF, and some certificate errors cannot be overridden (1042889).

Have you got the new Mozilla Firefox 33 upgrade yet?

Read the full Changelog with links here.

firefox 33 full changelog

Mozilla Firefox 33 full changelog