Google Plus promote this post update copying Facebook

Google Plus Post Ad campaigns will be releasing over the next few weeks, where users will be able to promote their posts direct from pages.

Google Plus will be calling it ‘Promote this Post’, which is rather similar to what Facebook is doing already called ‘Boost Post’. It was only a matter of time before Google started earning revenue from the social media network.

Google Plus promote this post update copying Facebook pic 1

In simple terms Google Plus Post ads will show up like advertisements, if you decide to promote your post it will show up in Hangouts On Air etc. These types of ads are already working well for the likes of Cadbury and Toyota in USA. Even though Post Ads have been out a while, its new step is to make setting up of campaigns easier. These type of ad campaigns can now be done directly from G Plus.

When it has been rolled out for your profile just click on the little black down arrow, it is here you will see the ‘Promote this post’, once this has been clicked you will be taken to a pre-filled ad-form creation page in Google AdWords. Users need 1000 followers or more to promote their posts.

Many have said Google is copying Facebook, because they have been using the Boost post button for some time now – Do you believe they are copying?

What do you think about the new promote this post update, have you got it yet?

OSM would like to thank Renata Araujo for the latest update.

Google Plus promote this post update copying Facebook