Facebook Safety Check confirmation beyond natural disasters

Facebook has just announced a new feature update called ‘Safety Check’, which will send notifications when a natural disaster happens such as earthquakes etc.

At the moment the new Facebook Safety Check feature only sends notifications on natural disasters, but the good news is Mark Zuckerberg posted the update on the new feature on his Facebook wall where one follower commented, “Mark, can you clarify on whether this is only for natural disasters? What about other emergencies that may necessitate use of this awesome new feature?

Mark Zuckerberg replied to the comment by saying, “We’re starting with natural disasters and then we’ll expand to more types of issues over time.

Facebook Safety Check beyond natural disasters

Social Media has always been a place to be when a natural disaster happens, people share all the information they know with their followers, but now Facebook want to sanctify it. It is basically a feature where people can register themselves on ‘Safety Check’ as SAFE when a disaster happens.

It is a great feature because loved ones know when you are away, and if they find out you are in an area where a natural disaster has happened all you need to do is register yourself as safe and your family and friends will know you are ok.

Basically tell Facebook you are safe or not in that particular region, Facebook’s Saftey Check features include: Let friends and family know you’re safe, Mark your friends as safe, Check on others in the affected area and Only your friends will see your safety status and the comments you share.

For more information please visit the official Facebook Safety Check website.

What are your views on the new Facebook Safety Check feature?

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