Cox Communications outage in certain areas

Cox Communications is down but the outage is only occurring in certain areas, for most the service is back up.

It seems to be a mixed bag at the moment for Cox Communications being down or up, and Down Detector says 60% is Internet problems; TV at 24% and total blackout sits at 15%

Cox Communications outage in certain areas pic 1

If you look at the Cox Customer Care (@CoxHelp) you will see many customers complaining about the service, many are asking if there is an outage at the moment. And, in reply Cox Customer Care said, “we are working to resolve the outage as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Cox Back Online Areas: The areas so far coming back online include Escondido, Lakeside, it is back up in Vista, La Mesa. These seem to be the troubled areas, even though some people in these areas are still without service.

Is Cox down for you or is it back up? Please do let us know in the comments by saying up or down with the area you live in, thank you.

Cox Communications outage in certain areas