The Apprentice Team Decadence vs Tenacity

The Apprentice 2014 kicked off with a bang yesterday where the girl’s aka ‘Team Decadence’ got the social media world talking.

The girls named their team ‘Decadence’, which shocked viewers, even more so Lord Alan Sugar. He hated the name so much he told them to re-think a new name.

lord sugar

Guess the girls didn’t know ‘decadence’ means “moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury.”

One Twitter user said, “How thick do you have to be to think ‘Decadence’ is a good name for a team? #apprentice.”

In tonight’s show the girls will come back with a re-branded name, they will now be called ‘Team Tenacity’, which has a better meaning for a team, “the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly.”

We love what the Metro reported, they said the girls obviously didn’t watch the Inbetweeners movie with their take on decadent– Watch the video below, its funny but please be aware there are swear words some viewers may not like.

Here are a few tweets about the Apprentice 2014 girls on team Decadence –

apprentice 1

apprentice 2

apprentice 3

apprentice 4

apprentice 5

The Apprentice Team Decadence vs. Tenacity, what name do you prefer?

The Apprentice Team Decadence vs Tenacity pic 1