Remove new Facebook Stickers with Unsticker Me

Do you like the new Facebook Stickers? If the answer is no and you are not into making people smile, or the fact is you think they are just tacky and pointless, how about the ability to remove them.

You can now get shot of those new Facebook Stickers in comments, and all you need to do is get the free download of ‘Unsticker Me’ for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Remove new Facebook Stickers with Unsticker Me pic 1

Unsticker Me is a free add-on download that will remove Facebook Stickers, which was created by Rodney Folz (software engineer at Pinterest, student at UC Berkeley). He could be ladled a fun killer, but also a legend because he decided Facebook has too many gimmicks and it was time for a super clean up – Who needs Pusheen anyway?

sri RaAAaAwRghavan @srir tweeted, “@rodneyfolz literally thought this was a @HackerNewsOnion post.” Then Rodney Folz replied to this tweet saying, “@srir @HackerNewsOnion nope I just don’t like things that everyone else likes.”

I hate new facebook stickers

Rodney also said is was worth spending around 4 hours on because he got two dozen new Twitter followers.

The creator of Unsticker Me only has 155 followers on Twitter, so how about getting this number up by following him here.

What are your views on the new ‘Unsticker Me’, which removes the new Facebook Stickers within comments?

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