Orionid meteor shower will light up Twitter

The Draconid meteor shower has already happened with the next being October 8, 2015, but whilst you wait for that one another called the ‘Orionid Meteor Shower’ is all set to show up from October 20th.

Twitter is already showing tweets of Orionid meteor shower 2014 tweets, users are using the hashtag #Orionid when discussing the shower. The closer we get to the light show the more tweets we are seeing, by the 20th we now Twitter will have made photos.

Orionid meteor shower will light up Twitter pic 2

The peaks will be most visible from northern and southern hemispheres on October 20th and 23rd, if you are in and around the northern hemisphere then point your viewing angle toward the south-eastern sky, and those in the southern hemisphere look towards the northeast.

It has been said there could be as many as 25 meteors per hour, hopefully there will be no clouds or bright moon on these dates. For more information on the Orionids please visit the Examiner.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Orionid meteor shower?

Orionid meteor shower will light up Twitter pic 1