Facebook perk vs. obligation in freezing eggs

Facebook is offering female employees huge benefits in its new reproductive service, where they will offer to freeze female employees’ eggs as well as help find sperm donors.

Apple has said they will start the same process as well called oocyte cryopreservation, which basically allows women to delay having children.

Facebook already have this in motion and are paying staff contributions of up to $20,000 if they agree to the process, Apple will implement this from January 2015. The social media network is attracting highly talent engineers and managers and these roles are competitive, and what Facebook is basically doing is giving women a choice between having a baby or advancing their careers.

Facebook perk vs. obligation in freezing eggs pic 1

Is this the new Facebook perk for women or is it simply an obligation?

Some may believe this is the perfect step forward in controlling the timing of fertility; it helps the conflict between career and biological clock. But others believe Facebook is controlling women and they find it to be classed as sexism. And, others believe it is appalling that a woman is only worth $20,000 to keep their career going rather than having a baby.

Social media networks are going crazy and this has turned out to be one of the largest debates of the year, read more about Facebook and Apple paying women to freeze their eggs over on the Telegraph.

Here are a few questions we have seen, please do answer them in the comments below – If Facebook are willing to pay women $20,000.00 to freeze an egg, will they pay men for their sperm? Do you find it appalling Facebook are controlling women’s lives, offering money to keep them on board is disgusting right?

Facebook perk vs. obligation in freezing eggs