Amber Vinson from Dallas contracts Ebola

Amber Vinson is the second person from Dallas to contract the Ebola Virus, and concerns are looming after she was on a flight from Cleveland to Dallas this week. She caught the flight the day before she reported any symptoms of Ebola.

The CDC will be holding interviews with all 132 passengers that were on the Frontier Airlines Flight 1143, it has been reported the Dallas health care worker should not have traveled on the airplane.

Amber Vinson from Dallas contracts Ebola pic 2

However, Vinson did not show any signs or symptoms of illness to suggest she had Ebola. If you were a passenger on flight 1143 it is recommended you contact CDC at 1 800-CDC INFO (1 800 232-4636) – please do spread this article on all your social media networks to get the word out.

This caused so much of a concern Reuters Health (@Reuters_Health) tweeted “Dallas Ebola patient related to three Kent State U. employees; school tells family to stay off campus, self monitor for 21 days: Kent.” (Shown below) –

Amber Vinson from Dallas contracts Ebola pic 1

The first women to contract the Ebola virus was Nina Pham, to help her please visit our previous article. If you come across any social media networks such as Facebook wanting to help Amber Vinson please do let us know.

Source – WFAA

Amber Vinson from Dallas contracts Ebola