The Snappening Snapchat leaks acquired through SnapSaved

Forget the Fappening, a new breed has started called ‘The Snappening’ where over 100,000 photos and videos sent by image-sharing Snapchat have been leaked by hackers for the world to see.

According to the Daily Mail, hackers have been collecting these photos and videos for a while now. Many 4chan users as well as Business Insider are calling this new hack ‘The Snappening’ mentioning this could be a whole lot bigger than the iCloud breach on celebrities.

The Snappening Snapchat leaks acquired through SnapSaved

It is not good hackers are now leaking images and videos from Snapchat, one anonymous 4chan user claimed they obtained them on Snapchat, where normally photos disappear after a period of time – Apparently the hackers have gained access to over 13GB within private files.

People are now worried of child pornography because many Snapchat users are between the ages of 13 and 17. Snapchat told Mail Online that its servers were not breached, and are not the source of the leaks in question.

It turns out the images of both male and female users if Snapchat have been leaked as said above, but they have apparently been acquired through a third-party hacking application called This app allows users to store videos and photos from Snapchat.

The images – of both male and female users – are thought to have been the hacking of a third-party app called. The app lets users store the photos and videos sent from Snapchat – which usually self-destruct after a few seconds – on a web server.

What are your views on ‘The Snappening’?

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