Google Plus Polls feature allows further engagement

The new Google Plus Polls is a great feature that will further users engagement with those in their Circles and others, add any question you please with the option to add five answers.

It was not long ago Google decided to add the new ‘Poll’ features to its social networking platform G Plus, these are fully interactive where followers can click on the desired answer – and generating these G Plus polls are simple.

g plus polls 2

Take a look at Mark Chubb’s Google Plus Poll he added below, he added the official G+ logo and five possible answers for people to click on. He asked, “Why do you prefer Google + over Facebook?” and his five answers were – Its cleaner | No ads | No depressing status messages here | G+ is more professional | I prefer Facebook. So far the poll has had 4 votes and the possible answers are highlighted with a percentage on the ones voted on.

g plus polls 1

You will see the new ‘Poll’ tab under the main white box where you normally add a post, just click on it and away you go. You can just ask a question and then provide up to 5 possible answers or you can add an image as well to make it look more professional, you can crop the images to your preferred size as well.

g plus polls 3

Do you like the new Google Plus Poll feature?

Google Plus Polls feature allows further engagement