Facebook Local Awareness keeps ad prices down

The new Facebook Local Awareness feature is all set to rollout over the next week or so in the United States, which has been designed to keep ad prices down.

It is an objective allowing you to create ads, which will be able to reach your local audience whilst keeping the price down to a minimum.

Facebook Local Awareness keeps ad prices down pic 1

Facebook Local Awareness is a simple 4-step process, which includes 1.Audience, 2. Budget, 3. Images and 4. Text and links. It can allow businesses to enter their address information and a radius they want to target their ad at.

Other information such as the age and gender of your target audience is needed as well. Just so everyone has peace of mind, Facebook did say the Local awareness ads were built with privacy in mind.

When users use Local Awareness ads advertisers will be able to select locations and NOT specific individuals. Facebook will not let anyone know which certain people are in any audience – In a nutshell people have full control over the location information shared with Facebook, ads will only be seen based on their recent location if location services are enabled on their mobile devices.

We will let you know more about this when we know more – Are you seeing Facebook’s new local awareness objective working yet?

Facebook Local Awareness keeps ad prices down