Chelsea Handler Twitter boob photo popularity

Many days after the shocking Chelsea Handler Twitter boob photo was posted the popularity is still growing, so many people thought it was epic with some saying put it away.

Showing yourself in the nude or even just by flashing a little piece of your breast can get a lot of social media attention, and this is exactly what Chelsea Handler got when she tweeted a group photo with a message saying, “Follow SiriusXM and @EWlive for a preview of my Town Hall with Dave Grohl.”

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A few Twitter users thinks the former Chelsea Lately host is a legend for posting the NSFW twitpic on October 6, but some tweets came in asking her to put it away.

Either way you look at the Handler’s breast photo good or bad, it was a publicity stunt that has worked in her favor. Dave Grohl is the front man of the Foo Fighters and probably leaped at the chance of hosting the SiriusXM Town Hall interview.

Since posting her photo the tweets have been piling in from Twitterers, one tweet said, “Chelsea Handler has a comedy special called “Uganda Be Kidding Me.” I would rather be boiled in oil than watch two seconds of that.”

Uganda Be Kidding Me premiered on October 10, please do comment if you watched it.

What are your views on the Chelsea Handler Twitter boob photo?

Chelsea Handler Twitter boob photo popularity