Bank money transfer via tweet

One of the largest banks in France, BPCE have finally announced to the public they are joining forces with Twitter so that money can be transferred via a tweet.

To allow BPCE customers the ability to transfer money via a tweet, is a step in the right direction for online payments.

Bank money transfer via tweet pic 1

Bank money transfer via tweeting is a new way to secure online payment revenues beyond the limits of advertising, many social networks earn its money through ads, but Twitter is pushing to beat Facebook and Apple to get its own stamp on new payment services for mobile devices.

The bank will offers its customer the person-to-person transfers via Twitter to French consumers, it does not matter what bank they use and the sender does not need to know the recipient’s banking details.

Twitter users in France will be able make payments by tweets using the bank’s new S-Money service. This is great because it also coincides with the new “Twitter Buy” button within tweets, which are posted by names such as Home Depot, Burberry and many other stores.

Would you like Twitter to release the new bank money transfer by tweet on a global scale?

Bank money transfer via tweet

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