Most viewed YouTube channels from Oct 2 to 8th

The Top 10 most viewed YouTube channels for Oct 6 week are in, there are so many videos to watch and deciphering what channel has had the most video views this week is hard.

Just wish to say a massive thanks to Tubefilter who has posted the Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide from dates October 2 to October 8, 2014

Most viewed YouTube channels from Oct 2 to 8th main pic

It seems the number one YouTube channel to follow is DisneyCollectorBR at the moment, they have had a staggering 85,393,581 video views during the week of October 2 to the 8th, they are up 72,183 from the week prior, which means they are up 6%. Their all-time views so far is 3,318,293,479, with their position last week being 1.

Number 2 is PewDiePie with 71,996,361 views, who are down 164,495 at -9%, there posistion the week before was number 2, the channel now has had a total of 6,364,110,968.

EnriqueIglesiasVEVO is at number 3) with 43,316,771 up 15%, 4) SpinninRec with 41,827,695 up 4%, 5) KatyPerryVEVO 41,265,977 down -2%, 6) stampylonghead 41,138,882 views but down -5%, 7) littlebabybum views were at 38,594,629 up 3%, 8) blucollection 38,362,617 up 5%, 9) TheDiamondMinecart with 36,848,282 up 6% and number 10) popularmmos 35,833,508 up 8%.

Most viewed YouTube channels from Oct 2 to 8th