Facebook cover redesign for business engagement

Many small businesses use social media networking so that they can engage with its customers and other businesses alike, but when it comes to a having the Facebook cover design for business use it has been said you need to get it right.

To have a successful business Facebook page it takes a lot of elements to get it right, post regularly but not too much that your followers decide to pick their eyes out with dinner forks. Make sure the Facebook about description is informative but not to long a boring, and most importantly the cover photo is engaging.

Facebook cover redesign for business engagement pic 1

Yes, there are millions of SMB pages on Facebook, but what are its Facebook covers like and are they engaging?

99designs have decided to put together a small infographics titled ‘3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Custom Facebook Cover Design’, and it is interesting to learn by redesigning your Facebook social media page improves your likelihood of success by 130%, and 82% success rate of companies with redesigned pages and 35% success rate of every one else. But the part that sticks out the most is a huge 95% of businesses who received a custom Facebook cover design believe design plays an important role in the company’s success.

Social media strategy is the way forward when it comes to success, as so is getting more likes. 82% of small businesses with 1 to 100 employees with redesigned Facebook covers saw increased Facebook likes, and those businesses with more than 100 employees say an increase of 35% more Facebook likes, its goes to show the small business with custom covers get more likes than larger business with custom covers.

Are you a small business and got a custom Facebook cover? If the answer is yes please let us know if you have had an increase in Facebook likes since using the custom cover?


Facebook cover redesign for business engagement