Twitter grades for Online Social Media

You can learn how to grow your Twitter business; it is basically like going back to school where you can get your account graded using an innovative tool by Hootsuite.

Grader by Hootsuite is very easy to use and well worth looking at, it is as simple as using your Twitter to sign-in. Once you have been graded you can also learn how to grow your business.

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We got our grades for Online Social Media (@osocialmedia), and they were not bad at all: OSM got an A for Reach, B- for Engagement and A+ for Profile, our overall grade was A-.

This is a very good social media tool, because it shows you what you need to see, given the grades above, the ‘Grade Your Social’ tool shows you how you did in each of the areas along with tips on how to improve.

It is accurate when it shows Online Social Media (@osocialmedia) having 3852 followers, its shows 85% of our messages get retweeted, 2.5% of audiences of top Twitter users mention or reply to them, 0.7% of our audience mention or reply to us. When it comes to messages with rich content it shows 97% contain links with an industry average equalling 38%, 53% contain images and only 2% contain video.

The tool show’s you if your profile is complete, all-in-all it is a great to use as it shows you what grade your Twitter account has, which you can act upon. We actually should start replying to our mentions where we can as we do not do this often enough, but in our defence most of our mentions are not really ones to reply to.

What is your Twitter social media grade?

Twitter grades for Online Social Media