Stephen Collins trends after Donna D’Errico suicide tweet

Stephen Collins is trending in Twitter at the moment in 4th position in the United States. He has been in the headlines a lot lately but he is trending after Donna D’Errico tweeted he had committed suicide.

Baywatch actress Donna D’Errico lives close to Collins, and things heated up on Twitter after she sparked rumors of Collins shooting himself, but the actress did provide an apology on Twitter.

Donna D'Errico tweet 1

The tweet that Donna D’Errico posted, which she has since removed said, “That guy from ‘7th Heaven’ lives right around the corner from me & just shot himself a few minutes ago.” She also tweeted a few more times to let her fans know what happened.

Donna D'Errico tweet 2

Los Angeles police were called out last night to the home of Stephen Collins, after they had a tip off reporting a gunshot was heard. But, TMZ has confirmed the actor was not at home and said, “Collins is NOT at home and has been in communication all night.”

Collins is right in the middle of a social media meltdown after allegations of child molestation. TMZ have the latest news on Collins confessing on tape of being a child molester; please do have your say in the comments below.

Stephen Collins trends after Donna D'Errico suicide tweet