New Twitter redesign update apparently pointless

Twitter has just had a new redesign and its causing a stir, the update has caused a massive debate with hundreds of tweets coming in already.

If you look at the top menu bar in Twitter the main tabs say, Home, Notifications, Messages and Discover, even the Tweet button as had an overhaul.

New Twitter redesign update apparently pointless

The ‘Me’ button has now gone as so is the settings cog button, there is now a little logo of your profile photo next to the tweet button, which when clicked shows more including – View profile, Lists, Help, Keyboard shortcuts, Twitter ads, Settings and Sign out.

Twitter users are providing mixed reactions at the moment, some really like the subtle changes, but others are angry that they have to get used to the new layout.

One user said they really dislike the new #TwitterUpdate, please put it back to the way it was. Another said it is pointless & annoying and there was no need to update.

Are you seeing the new Twitter redesign update yet, if so what do you think of it? Please do let us know what other changes you have noticed.

Twitter redesign update causing a stir pic 2