Men Vs. Women in social media use

Social media is being used by billions of people every day, and when it comes to Men Vs. Women in social media use do you really know what gender prefers what network platform?

The infographic below by QuickSprout is very informative to say the least, and they ask the question, “Who is more active on social media, men or women?”

Men Vs. Women is social media use pic 1

71% of Internet users use Facebook, and the stats show women use Facebook more than men with Women taking 76% and men 66%. The average of posts on Facebook sits at around 254 posts from men and 394 for women. Women have 55% more posts on their walls than men as well as having 58% more friends than men.

69% of women and 31% of men play Facebook games. The infographic also looks at other social media platforms – Women use Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest more than men. But men use LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus more than women.

The Conclusion
Men are more active on LinkedIn, Google Plus and YouTube, and women are more active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What social media network do you use the most? Please let us know what if you are male or female when commenting below – Thanks.

Men Vs. Women is social media use

Men Vs. Women is social media use