Leveraging social media in 2012: Infographic throwback

Stepping back into 2012 to see what social media networking was like is rather interesting to say the least; it is always good to see what was and below the infographic shows some unforgettable facts.

The infographic below titled ‘Leverage Yourself As An Expert By using Social Media” by Zintro is a throwback and a half; we are stepping into 2012 to see how it was back then.

The infographic goes into detail about researching the most well-known people in your field or industry and they probably all have one thing in common: They voice their opinion on and off the Internet and have publicly displayed contact information on one or more social media platforms.

Leveraging social media in 2012 infographic throwback pic 2

It shows, which platforms are right for targeting your main demographic by using its tips and resources.

For example, the infographic that was published by Zintro in 2012 shows some amazing figures and 2 years ago Facebook has just over 845 million users, it is best for interacting on a more personal level with contacts, Facebook’s secret weapon is ‘Facebook Pages’ because it houses all the information about your brand or your company in one place, its main drawback is those trying to connect to too many people can dilute the genuine connections.

We will keep this lot brief as all is explained in the infographic below, it shows that Twitter back in 2012 had 140 million active users with 340 million tweets per day. Twitter is best for short, to-the-point updates, its secret weapon is its customer service, brands such as H&R Block, JetBlue and Comcast started to use the instant status updates to address customer concerns on the spot in front of an audience.

LinkedIn in 2012 had over 150 million users, its best for showing professional accomplishments and linking to others, its secret weapon is the ability to create a group and the creation of discussions about your industry.

Google Plus in 2012 had 100 million users and back then was best for starting conversations and adding specific people to it, its secret weapon is ‘Circles’.

Other than the social media networks user base, do you think much has changed?

Leverage Yourself as an Expert by Using Social Media

Leveraging social media in 2012 infographic throwback