Iron Man 4 release confusion by RDJ

Robert Downey Jr is causing major confusion when it comes to the new Iron Man 4 release, in one interview he says there will be a new movie and in another he says there is no script yet and no new film.

It is getting really crazy trying to understand if RDJ is just playing mind games, or he is getting confused himself because of the heated question he is receiving by Ellen DeGeneres and David Letterman.

Iron Man 4 release confusion by RDJ pic 2

If you watch the fist YouTube video below you will hear RDJ saying there will be an Iron Man 4 movie on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but then on the Late Show with David Letterman RDJ says there will not be a new Iron Man movie but he is working on other Marvel stuff.

So, in one breath he says yes to Iron Man 4, and in another is says no, but we believe RDJ is being clever here to get the world thinking. It is all about putting people on the edge of their seats, in a way it is social media genius at its best because now people will take to Twitter, Facebook to question the motives behind RDJ mind games.

So, it is a yes, no or a maybe to an Iron Man 4 release RDJ? Wonder if the actor will come here on OSM and banter with us, come on Robert Downing Jr – You are clearly playing the publicity stunt trump card.

Iron Man 4 release confusion by RDJ