Instagram with sponsored ads you control

Instagram users in Australia will start seeing sponsored ads, which they will be able to control. The ad rollout started today and big-named brands are already on board.

Some say the ads will kill Instagram, and because Facebook owns the photo-sharing app they are incorporating Facebook-like sponsored ads, users are upset that it will start to look too much like Facebook. But, to be fair it hasn’t had any damaging effect in the UK or U.S.

Instagram with sponsored ads you control

The Guardian reports the ads will look like Instagram images and videos, the only difference is the little word ‘ Sponsored’ on the photo. Brands such as Kraft, Ben & Jerry’s, McDonalds, Flight Centre, Audi, Lenovo, Toyota, Vegimite and a few others.

Australia is now the third country to get sponsored ads, the other two were the US and UK who received them last year. Ads will be targeted based on demographic factors such as users gender and age.

It will be like the ads are there but they just fit right in without interfering, and to make sure it stays that way co-founder Kevin Systrom will be vetting each and every one of them. Users have total control on what they see, if they do not like the ad in their feed they can hide it.

How do you feel about the Instagram ads rollout in Australia?

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