Choosing Hola for a better Internet

Quietly over the past 20 months a new phenomenon seems to be emerging – over 30 million users have installed Hola so far, which shows that they want a more open, more private Internet.

The Internet was meant to be free and open. Everyone was supposed to see the same sites from anywhere. Now parts of the Internet are blocked by governments, ISPs, corporations and web sites. The concept behind Hola is simple – to provide internet users everywhere with a faster, more accessible and safer Internet experience, by helping each other route traffic in the most optimal manner.

Choosing Hola for a better Internet

Traditionally, VPN services have been used to overcome blocks. These have been costly and difficult to set up. They would have servers set up in several countries, and allow you to connect through them for $5 to $10 per month, which was needed to cover the costs of the servers.

Hola is a peer-to-peer service, where Hola users whose devices are idle, help other Hola users to liberate their Internet. So its users helping users, basically meaning the only service of its type that can be free, and will always stay free! That’s because it’s the only such service that does not have any cost to operate. The more users that join Hola, the better the network becomes.

Hola’s CEO, Ofer Vilenski, commented “We’re delighted to have developed technology that enables so many people to enjoy the Internet as it was meant to be – fast and open. We’re even more amazed by the speed at which our online community is growing by the day showing the hunger for information that has existed.”

Mr. Vilenski continued “Our ‘social routing’ approach is revolutionising not only the way people access the internet, but also their user experience while they’re actually online. We have a vision for a future when slower browsing speeds, privacy worries and blocked content are a thing of the past, so that’s what we’re delivering with Hola. The best part is that Hola does not need to set up servers and routers for its service, so it can stay free.”

Currently, the web app is installed as a browser extension and is available across most internet browsers including Chrome & Firefox. Hola have also released an Android app. Unlike a number of alternative virtual private networks, the Hola service is completely free.

Are you using Hola yet?

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  • Chase

    Really? Its practically the same as TOR, but without the illegal “materials” hidden beneath servers.
    Well regardless, hope it turns out better than TOR did.

    • Runthemonster

      What’s wrong with tor? Its a little slower but as far as privacy goes, it’s great. Explain how this is even close to the security tor offers and I’d be interested