4Chan, Fappening prompts Facebook photo protection

Since the 4Chan and The Fappening scandal of celebrity photos being hacked, privacy has become a major concern. And, with millions of photos being shared on Facebook on a daily basis images can be stolen and used.

The question is, “How many of you know if your Facebook photo has been stolen?”

To be sure if your safe from the photo thieves you could start using the services of ‘Face Guardian’, they are a Face Data Image Protection service, that uses the best facial recognition technology to scan the internet for personal images that match your Facebook ones, or are similar to photos a user uploads.

4Chan, Fappening prompts Facebook photo protection pic 1

To start using Face Guardian just sign in using your Facebook account, once in it will start scanning your Facebook albums for photos in which a face is displayed. If you are a free user you can protect and guard only one photo, premium users can protect up to 10.

Once the Facebook image has been selected, Face Guardian will start its scanning process to see if anyone else is using the same photo on the Internet. You will receive an email if any match has been found.

When you guard a Facebook photo you will get a pop-up message saying, “Please wait while we run facial recognition on your Facebook profile pictures. During this process, any profile picture that doesn’t have a detectable face in it will be removed from the list.”

Have you ever used Face Guardian to protect your Facebook photos?

4Chan, Fappening prompts Facebook photo protection