Using social media marketing for Real Estate

There are so many successful businesses out there that use social media as part of its marketing strategy; potential customers would like to get to know the brand before buying or using your product.

For your product or business to get noticed social media is the best way forward, it is the perfect way forward to generate conversation, interactivity, local leads, content sharing and most importantly an engaging experience.

ide to Real Estate Social Media Marketing

The infographic below courtesy of Placester is titled ‘The Absolute Guide To Social Media Marketing‘ and even though this guide fits most businesses it is well worth reading if you are in Real Estate. Social media is an essential part of doing business online. It’s where you can connect your business with customers and the opportunity to build relationships with every kind of constituent. It does not matter if you are just starting out or even if you have an established business, this will help.

Social media is all about being frequent, brands that publish an average of 1.5 to 2 posts per day engage with twice as many users as brands that post once or twice a week.

Always share good content, be selective by not diving onto every social network at first, just build yourself up slowly and get to know your market. The infographic also goes into: Go where the action is, Join Groups, Create attractive headers, When it comes to comments DO NOT be negative, it also goes into uploading a nice photo, creating thoughtful profiles, letting people know where to find you, sharing and much more.

It really does make sense to have a Real Estate social media strategy plan, especially when 61% of adults on more than one social network have unliked or unfollowed brands on social media, 82% of consumers’ trust a company more if they are involved in social media and 79% of Twitter users who see tweets from both brand and users tweeting about a brand take action, online or offline.

Using social media marketing for real estate

  • Sabrina Kizzie

    Great post. Social media is a big part of our society now. It is important to post frequently as mentioned above in the post but also to post high quality content.