Social marketing trends for 2014 holiday success

Holiday season 2014 is upon us and this year is about socializing commerce, social marketing trends for the 2014 holidays can be a success.

The 2014 holiday season is here for marketers, and with Offerpop surveying over 120 professionals on their marketing predictions and plans they can see social media will play a crucial part for holiday success.

Social marketing trends for 2014 holiday success pic 1

The infographic goes into great detail and shows $602 billion in holiday spending with an expected increase of 8% in 2014, the marketing opportunity on social media networks are going to explode, especially seeing as there are 1.32 billion Facebook users, 271 million on Twitter and 150 million on Instagram.

Facebook at the moment is king with 92% of marketers planning to spend the majority of their social marketing budget on Facebook, only 4% Twitter. According to marketers 73% think the breakout social network of 2014 is Instagram.

For more information please do take a look at the inforgraphic below courtesy of Offerpop.


holiday social marketing trends 2014