Obama’s Raise the Wage awareness on Twitter

The President of the United States Barack Obama took to Twitter saying people are running out of excuses when it comes to blocking a minimum wage increase with a link going of to a petition titled, “Tell your lawmakers: It’s Time to Give America a Raise.”

Costco, Gap, Ikea, Shake Shack and Disney did not want to wait for congress to lift the minimum wage. This was important to President Barack Obama because he said on his Twitter account, “These businesses wanted their employees to be fairly compensated. So they took action. #RaiseTheWage.”

Obama’s Raise the Wage awareness on Twitter pic 1

The hashtag #RaiseTheWage is making its rounds on Twitter and rightfully so if you are all for the minimum wage being raised, if you want to raise awareness for the federal minimum wage then sign the petition here. Did you know the federal minimum wage makes only $14,500 PA, which is under the poverty line for a family of four.

The petition to raise the minimum wage has had 557,776 online signatures with only 600,000 needed. To sign the form just enter your first and last name, your email and ZIP, please also follow Barack Obama on Twitter for all the latest news.

What are your views on the raise the minimum wage in America?

Obama’s Raise the Wage awareness on Twitter