Facebook research ethics update after criticism

Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer, Mike Schroepfer has announced the social media giants have been doing things a little wrong, leading to its Facebook research ethics update after being criticised.

Facebook held a controversial psychological experiment, which basically falsified users’ news feeds without them even knowing about it. But, Facebook is putting right what they first did wrong.

Facebook research ethics update after criticism

Facebook has now updated its research and published an announcement in its Newsroom, many complaints were put forward to the FTC and Sheryl Sandberg reported the experiment was poorly communicated. And only now an apology has been written.

The social media network was not ready for the negative reactions when they published the official experiment results, and now they have admitted they could have done things differently. Mike Schroepfer said they could have carefully thought about other non-experimental ways to do this research.

The changes mean no outside organization will review or look at research projects, it will now be monitored by top managers. Maybe Facebook psychological experiments in the future will not manipulate its users emotions.

Do you trust Facebook in the way they research things?

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