Sheryl Sandberg, Chris Cox Facebook shares disposed

Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg has disposed many of her shares, but still leaves herself 5,661,943.

She sold 283,334 shares of class-A common stock in Facebook, which can be seem here in the Form 4 filing with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Even though she offloaded 283,334 she has not left herself without any, she still has 5,661,943. However, the ones she did sell the numbers are as follows; 95,951 shares were sold at $76.2666 per share and another 187,383 at $77.0869 each.

cox Facebook shares disposed

Chris Cox (Facebook’s Chief Product Officer) also offloaded some of his class-A shares, 4,534 were sold at $76.796 each and 1,400 at $78.1829, he still has 580,288 shares left.

Has both Sheryl Sandberg and Chris Cox done the right thing by selling their class-A Facebook shares?

Sheryl Sandberg Facebook shares disposed