Lizzy Pattinson X Factor UK Twitter, Facebook support

Robert Pattinson’s sister Lizzy was very upset when Simon Cowell ended her X Factor UK dream after being booted yesterday, but she is getting an amazing amount of support on Twitter and Facebook that can make her smile and carry on fighting for her music career.

The Lizzy Pattinson X Factor audition went rather well where she made it to the judges houses, but this is as far as it went for the Twilight star’s older sister.

Lizzy Pattinson X Factor UK Twitter, Facebook support pic 2

Lizzy Pattinson singing Blake Shelton’s Don’t Make Me did not make Simon and Sinitta happy, in fact Sinita said if she were watching it on TV she would have went to the loo.

She is no longer a part of Simon Cowell’s X Factor UK over 25’s, and after leaving she took to Facebook and Twitter to thank her viewers. On Facebook she said, “Thanks so much for the messages of support over the last few months. Wow! It has been an amazing experience – challenging and scary, but mostly great fun! Looking forward to bringing you some new songs soon.”

The support Lizzy Pattinson is getting on both Facebook and Twitter is vast, a few Facebook comments from followers said, “Keep strong, your dreams can still come true,” another said, Sorry to see you weren’t chosen but I believe you’ll have an amazing future! Looking forward to hearing the new songs!”

Over on Twitter the support is also massive with tweets like these below –

lizzy twitter support

Lizzy Pattinson X Factor UK Twitter 1

Please do watch Lizzy Pattison’s final performance on X Factor UK below – Was the right decision made for Lizzy Pattinson to leave X Factor?

Lizzy Pattinson X Factor UK Twitter, Facebook support