Facebook poke leads to death

Is social media becoming a network of jealousy? Well, in the eyes of Scott Humphrey the answer is yes after killing his friend for poking his girlfriend on Facebook.

All it took was one Facebook Poke to see a man dead, social media can cause relationship arguments and even breakups, but it is very rare to see someone get killed just for poking a mates girlfriend on Facebook.

Facebook poke leads to death pic 2

Jealousy was the main cause here and Scott Humphrey will spend nearly four and half years in prison for killing his 29-year-old friend Richard Rovetto.

They were both in a cab on their way home from a night out when Humphrey questioned Rovetto, as reported by The Daily Mail he asked him “If you’re such a good friend why did you poke my missus?”

A Facebook Poke is basically an option to get’s someones attention, but some do take it as a come on in a nice way. But, Humphrey was not happy with Rovetto poking his girlfriend on the social media network, and apparently Rovetto said he was unaware of Humphrey’s relationship with this girl.

Humphrey hit Rovetto where he fell to the ground hitting his head on a concrete floor; this later killed the young man who died in hospital.

This is sad news but we want to ask you one single question – Have you ever poked someone on Facebook, and what does it mean to you when someone pokes?

Facebook poke leads to death